'The Revenger's Tragedy' which is probably an acquired taste and wasn't helped by featuring many of the same locations which doubled for London in the Christmas BBC adaptation of 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'. And what was Sinbad from Brookside doing there in a poor moustache?
'The Kid Stays In The Picture' a fabulous meander through the life of film producer Robert Evans. But how much of it is completely true?
'Men in Black II', the most redundant and poorest sequel since 'Sister Act II: Back in the Habit', featuring at least two jokes nicked from Douglas Adams
'The Eye' a Taiwanese horror movie which proves that sometimes it's all about the editing. Sandra Bullock will no doubt star in the poorer Hollywood remake.
'40 days and 40 nights' has the germ of a very good idea, muddied by trying to be a comedy too much and throwing in too many easy jokes and trying to be a Kevin Smith film
'Mulholland Drive' sits and blinks at me. I blame the black lodge.
'A Comedy of Errors', Trevor Nunn's 1984 RSC production with a youngish Judy Dench and that guy who always plays the English toffs in USTV shows like 'The West Wing'. Strangely similar in tone to Buffy's 'Once More With Feeling', only without the vampires

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