Buffy I'm a demon! I'm a demon on Buffy!

Same scene. The fighting continues in the main room as Anya confronts the demon.
ANYA: Tell me what you did with Xander. What are you?
DEMON: (deep demony voice) You did this. You brought this on. I've waited a long time for this, Anyanka.
ANYA: (tearful) Who are you?
DEMON: Remember Chicago? South Side, 1914?
Anya looks blank. The demon gets annoyed.
DEMON: Stuart Burns. Philanderer! You'd think you'd remember. I remember you. But then again, you ruined my life.
ANYA: You were a ... I punished you.
DEMON: That's right. Some hussy I'd been taking around summons you, next thing I know, I look like this and I'm being tortured in another dimension.
ANYA: I forgot.
DEMON: Well, I didn't ...
--- from 'Hell's Bells' Written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner, transcription by Joan the English Chick.

Not a nice fellow ... but what do you think are the chances? There really is something going on here ... I just need a bit more time to prove it ...

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