Life I'm having a wierd night. So wierd I watched 'Attack of the Clones' earlier. But the real reason is that it's the first free Tuesday I've had in weeks because my World Music course finally ended last week. The assessment this term was 'Evidence' sheets to be filled in during the classes. Since I have great difficulty concentrating on more than two things at one (myself and whatever I'm doing) this proved to be a problem, bourne out in my disinctly average mark of 65%. In summoning up, my tutor liked my commitment, and my active and original contributions during the sessions -- but was disappointed that I couldn't display any of that in what I wrote down. I couldn't agree more. I can talk the talk, even walk the walk, but writing it down coherently. Nope. Yesterday I posted something to Googlefilter which contained four typos which had to be corrected by the site co-ordinator bringing a scolding from him and a stream of sarcastic comments from other posters.

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