Who In case anyone is interested, a flash trailer is up at BBCi for the new version of Douglas Adams' lost Doctor Who story Shada reduxed to feature the current incarnation Paul McGann. Not much there, and nothing new for anyone who saw the charity video release with Tom Baker filling in the bits which were missing. If you can watch it in this much crisper broadband version which still works quite well over dial-up. I'm hoping they'll be using this flash format for the actual broadcast -- it much more watchable than the Real One format they've used in the past.

While I'm getting my monthly Who post out of the way, I should draw your attention to the Action Figure Theatre, a slightly strange, slightly genius use of posable figurines to create new photostories in the style of 'The Collector' from the new Eagle comic which was cancelled years ago. A sort of deadly serious (?) version of the kind of thing Adam & Joe were doing with Star Wars toys all those years ago.

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