Big Brother Busy weekend. At first I thought the eviction of Jon was either a tragedy, a fix, or both. Now as I watch him appearing on RI:SE and Big Brother’s Little Brother, I realized that might not be such a bad thing. Even a studio setting hasn’t dimmed his lights and while Federico, his fellow evictee and current partner in crime has gone strangely quite Jon is striding through it all with great aplomb. Just on RI:SE this morning, he managed to fit in a sniffing of Kate Lawler’s legs and the classic “I hate all tabloid newspapers. The writers are utterly stupid. They offered me £3000 for my life story, it’s worth more than that.” On BBLB tonight he said some amusingly insulting things about most of the house mates (“Gos has no personality” “Will you be seeing him again?” O’Leary asked, “Well I’m going to his restaurant.” etc) and instantly get the measure of new housemate Gae who he noted had already taken charge.

And what about the new housemate? What about that whole thing? When The Sun broke the story a few days ago, no one believed it, coming from a tabloid. And when Nush was left behind by Cameron when he had to choose who wouldn’t get the reward and didn’t get whisked away on Saturday night, it looked like it was all an other of those stories (similar to the one about Anouska or Nasty Nick entering the house). Then the Big Brother Africa pre-empted the other night and posted the story on their website the other night, it looked like it was genuinely happening, and it’s utterly surreal. I love that rather than winning a task, Cameron only got to go because he was the one who could be bothered to get off his arse and go the diary room when called. Although the theories abounded as to why he wasn’t there, the rest of the housemates got on with their little lives. I suspect if Jon had been there, he would have turned detective or gone and sat in the Diary room until some told him what had happened to the Scotsman.

Gae is the perfect choice, tall and manly, it took Steph about ten seconds to forget Cameron and dangle her arms around him. Tania (unsurprisingly) was more annoyed that she didn’t get to go to South Africa than interested in the new man. The big surprise was Gos who suddenly turned into Mr. Communication. But I want to know what’s been happening to Cameron. That odd photo on BBLB hardly covers it. But E4 are running Big Brother Africa from tomorrow night so we’ll see. I was slightly concerned that he decided to take his bible with him. I’m sure The Guardian will be running a column shortly which compares him to colonialist missionary.

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