Music I recommended Siobhan Donaghy’s new single Overrated last week, and it’s out today and if you were a fan of Sugababes Mark One this is a good place to go. I’m put my foot in again, because as is vogue there are two versions and the second lacks a photo on the cover and instead carries the following writing in autumnal colours on a black background:
”this is the second cd format for the Siobhan donaghy single ‘overrated’. It’s got 3 tracks on it which are (1) overrated radio edit (2) thus far and also (3) the overrated video.”
It makes a real change for a record company to be trying something new with the format other than sticking a similar photo on both, or the same one in different colours. The downside is that unless it appears with the first version it could look at little bit anonymous and uninviting, so we’ll see.

TV I was going to write a lengthy review of State of Play which finished last night, then I read Libby Brooks words in the paper this morning and she said everything I wanted to so I didn't see the point:
"Aside from the perfect plotting and effortless performances, State of Play succeeded in delivering that most hard-won of televisual feats - conveying a humanity that wraps itself around the viewer and reveals something greater than the sum of its parts. The confrontation between Cal and Anne, as the realisation of Stephen's duplicity dawned, was extraordinary. The mess of sexual entanglement, the vain hope that loving someone will be enough, was exposed in all its ugly and banal reality. It is so seldom that you watch a piece of television that moves you deeply and doesn't leave you feeling manipulated. Truthful, humane and unashamedly political, State of Play told us something important about our own lives and loves, and about the country we live in."
Roll on series two and the DVD release. Watching 24 afterwards felt like a very empty experience...

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