Life Actually I was talking to Caro via ICQ the other night and as usual had a revelation amongst the text. Apropos of various things she asked me what my ideal woman would be. I said:
”someone with a personality. not a sheep, someone who speaks her mind. unpredictable but rational. willing to go out on a limb, be spontaneous, but responsible. someone interested in the world, who like me wants to discover the possibilites and how everything works. someone funny without being purile, spritual without banging on about religion all the time. who doesn't mind making an idiot of themselves if the outcome is pure.“
I noticed that I had not actually gone for the usual male reflex of given a visual description. Everything in there is about personality. I suppose I was thinking about people I’d met or fallen for in the past and listing the qualities they share. But none of them were visually the same. For me it seems that it’s about a state of being rather anything else, which means I have to get to know a person a bit before I start thinking about them, which really does explain a lot. Who needs psychologists when you’ve got good friends online?

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