Life An anniversary I allowed to slip by unnoticed is that it’s a year since I stopped commuting to Manchester for work. I’m happy that I’ve got the time back, despite the odd hours the of rota in my current job. But in some ways I feel like I’m not using it as richly as I was. I’m missing the time I spent on the train each day. With little else to do, I would read much more and have the time to listen to whole albums. I would meet the same people regularly and talk about the day and grumble about the train being late. And there was the sparkle of the lights in the sidings as we trundled into Liverpool Lime Street. It’s the old chestnut of there not being enough hours in the day. I think I’m going to start spending a night or so a week in the local coffee house just reading and listening to music; if I can get the waitress to check my ticket or try and sell me staggeringly overpriced soft drinks, it might be a decent substitute.

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