Music I was sorry that I'd missed The Great Music Debate the other night. But it sounds as though I didn't miss anything, with the same issues trotted out again. Ammo City probably have a better idea:
"my sunday league team were training in the park when rupert fc (polydor) asked us for a game. we kicked them 10-0 or something but they gave a great passing shot: "at least we still make hit records". i don't know about that but probably the last polydor title i bought said james brown on the label and came from a second-hand shop. tossers. a nice side note is that my now ex-team was soon after barred from the pub that sponsored us, after our first team meeting. the team recently disbanded but not before the pub burnt down (just imagine all this was a major label marketing department). "
Although I notice I can listen again online. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

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