TV Ever the optimist, I live to see the day when a British TV channel dump their schedule for a weekend to show a marathon of something of the quality of the original Twilight Zone. For now, at least, I can read about the impressive line-up the US Sci-Fi channel have on offer over the weekend. For some reason, squinting at the odd episode, late at night in the Eighties, I missed the really bonkers Fourth Season episodes, such as:
" episode in which a dreadful wannabe writer conjured up William Shakespeare to help him churn out--gasp--mere TV scripts. Shakespeare does as he is told yet cannot help but chafe at how his words and ideas are mangled and made mediocre by the many obstacles inherent in the medium."
Which of puts a lie to the oft paraphrased assumption that the bard would be writing for soap opera if he were writing now. To add the the memories in the articles, I'm still haunted by the episode in which the last man alive realises he might be able to cope because he has a library of books to keep him happy, until he manages to break his only unique pair of reading glasses ... [via Tv Tattle]

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