Film Again someone captures everything I felt about a film, basically reviewing it so I don't have to. Spy Kids 3D: Game Over is a bizarre entry in what looks like a franchise that will run and run (until the kids grow up). Cue MaryAnn Johnson:
"I think this may be Robert Rodriguez's payback for how Tron warped all our brains as kids, because this is an absolutely insane movie: breathlessly illogical, daringly gaudy, audaciously awful. It's like a movie made by a crazy person who's gone off his meds and so fully believes that purple sounds like butterflies and bananas share with him the secrets of the universe. It's like an Ed Wood movie, so earnest and so desperately sure of itself in all its nutty, clueless glory, so obviously flown in from another planet at great expense. Imagine Wood had made The Matrix, with some hilariously tacked-on emotionalism and increasingly incomprehensible plotting and tons of crap flying out at you in red- and- blue 3-D, and you've got it."
Actually for me it was like a big screen remake of The Adventure Game featuring bizarre celebrity guests. I hope if there is a Spy Kids 4 next year Rob returns to the clearer storytelling of the previous films. With more Banderas and Guilermo. Although I suspect that his next step is to cut out the actors altogether. Shame.

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