TV e.r. was playing about with time again this week (after that episode in which Kovach’s day was played backwards). In this a day and night shift on the day of an eclipse played simultaneously (with cross cutting though, not a Timecode style split screen). Considering this show has been knock about for ten years, it’s good to see they’re not afraid the experiment and this largely worked. We saw the opening of a trauma and the aftermath playing simultaneously (playing unnervingly like the moment in Don’t Look Now when Sutherland and Christie are shown both during and after sex). Something which stopped it being the perfect examination of form Flip-flop is was Rocket Romano’s amputation which whilst touching felt like it should have been in the previous week’s episode. It’s good that Noah Wyle is still around after all these years. When all of the hype dies down and the show floats into syndication we’ll be able to see that it’s greatest achievement was to show the life and career of one man over many years, from the nervous wreck who couldn’t suture on his first day to the strong will who shouted down his boss when she was interrupting her when he was taking an important personal call. It’s all going Salvador next week which should be treat.

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