TV Anyone who's had to sit through hours of UK Style on Sky will know that Trading Spaces which was referenced on last week's episode of e.r. is the US version of Changing Rooms. The show is in it's fourth series over there, and whereas here general embarassment ensues when the people hate their new living arrangements, over there they revel in it. They've even released a new compilation DVD, They Hated It. The Almada Times-Star (no really) have a short piece about these characters who don't think that all chrome is perfect for the lounge. I think part of the problem is that the designers on that show all look a bit shifty -- whereas here Linda Barker caves if her victims don't like the bright pink she's picked for the walls, there they don't have a choice, as though a WWF wrestler is just off camera waiting to colour co-ordinate them physically with the room. The final shock is that it appears on something called 'The Learning Channel'. Seriously, what is this teaching you? [via the indispensable Tv Tattle]

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