Alchemists of Sound
A documentary about the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop, composers of music for Doctor Who, Blakes Seven and The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy amongst others. TV show on the BBC4 next week for anyone interested. Interesting interview here of the modern embodiment Mark Ayres.

Verisign redirection to return
After the stink it caused last time? Isn't this another example of a company using insider technology to monopolise a thriving market and reduce consumer choice?

Prince of Persia Flash Version
Never played this (using a Commodore 64 when it was originally released and the eventual conversion was a staggeringly poor). Feels like a 2D Tomb Raider. Warning -- it's a pop-up -- hold down shift key if you're a Google Toolbar user. Downloads very quickly though.

Indiana Jones Boxset IGN Review
Probably the most comprehensive review around. Extraordinarily technical in places. Looking forward to this ...

Me @ The Collective
Crikey -- my review of The Internet @ McDonalds has been highlighted on The Collectives Near You page. Best go in and correct the spelling of Wunderkind -- that'll teach me to use words when I don't know what they mean.

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