Blog! A very strange thing happened at the FACT tonight. I'm standing waiting for the best seat in their lounge influenced The Box screen when I started small talking with a girl. Based on my previous post about American Splendour it looks like I do this a lot. I really don't. But when the alternative is a book you're not enjoying ... (see some future review). I didn't talk to her long enough to get a name but somewhere in five minutes after I cagely said I was a writer and that this actually meant I wrote a weblog, I was amazed to find she not only knew what they were (which only happens once in a well never), but that she could recommend a good one. And so we find the Eyebeam reBlog a sort of blog of blogs. It's like a Metafilter of old before the world got serious. I wish all small talk was this informative.

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