Life We walked out of our first concert at The Phil Liverpool tonight. In keeping with previous walk outs I won't mention the pianist in question because he was perfectly fine. I think it had more to do with the mix of Liszt and Hummel, the fact that Fani and I were very tired (she's been hammering her college work into the small hours and I've been up since 6:45 for work) and for much of the time bored shiftless. Of the two composers, Hummel seemed more coherent, but without the expected clap break I'm not sure were one composer started and the other ended. So when we realised that we hadn't in fact heard the Chopin as well (this would come in the second half) we decided to cut our losses. Perhaps if we had been more awake we could have appreciated it more, but when you're working through the logistics of what else you've got to do that week and what'll you'll be doing when you get home and not focusing on the music at all, it's probably best to bd a hasty retreat. I will be getting the Chopin we missed on CD (good old Naxos) so that I listen to what we didn't see.

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