Drink After the half-concert we visit a Cypriot fast food restaurant because Fani needed fuel before she went home to watch 'I'm a Celebrity ....' I'd already eaten so instead I order a glass of juice which meant I could visit up on the sheer poety of their Zummo Juicing Machine. I'll let Zummo's website sum up the experience of watching the thing at work:
"Now here's an innovation from Zummo, specialists in making fruit juice drinks more and more appealing. The Big Fresh Orange is unique citrus fruit press and dispensing machine that will fascinate your customers as they watch oranges (or lemons, grapefruit or limes) physically being cut in half and squeezed into their glass and the rest is fully automatic.

To watch The Big Fresh procedeure is pure theatre! Thats why we have disigned our machines to become an attractive but compact part of your bar or counter merchandising area. Whether you're operating a club, shop, restaurant or bar, if you want to impress customers with your desire to offer a quality service, install a Zummo machine and watch the sun shine in onyour customer relations.
The clerk filled the top of the machine with this yellowy/green/orangy citrus fruit and when the machine was turned on it pulled the not quite oranges/lemons/anything into some waiting arms which litterally wipped them apart, juiced them and threw the skins away into little bins waiting on either side. In a way which suggests she was trying to sell me one, the clerk told me she'd bought a smaller one for her kitchen at home but that it took ten oranges to fill a glass (which seems like an awful lot) and that it was a pain in the arse to clean (I didn't say it was a good sales pitch).

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