Life I time travelled today. Well not really, there wasn't a capsule, I couldn't see history disappear in front of me and I didn't have a girl with me asking what was happening every five minutes, but it felt like I'd time travelled. I was trotting across Sefton Park for some fish and chips. On my walkman I was working my way the the HITS 4 compilation, original cassette release, and once A-HA had faded I was in the grips of Fergal Sharkey's 'You Little Thief' and as I walked across the field I could be in any time. The signifiers, all of the minutia which remind us of the times we live in had dropped away. I could as well be in the 1980s, Thatcher in government, Noel Edmunds still on tv and reading Transformers comic. But then as I stepped through the trees and into Lark Lane I was nearly knocked over by a Fiat Punto and I was back in the naughties.

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