Who OR another post about a forty year old tv show. I knew this would happen. As the new series draws tantalisingly closer I just feel the need to jabber on about it to a boring degree. With this new casting the whole thing seems have moved up a notch with the mainstream media giving it more attention than it's had in years. Chris (as he will be known from now onwards) is a Salford man, so North West Tonight decided to report from his neck of the woods and ask some of the locals what they thought of his casting. Which amounted to a vicar who was supposed to be the show's number one fan (no) who had a Dalek in his rectory who hadn't heard of Chris and just seemed to want to grin a lot. The rest of the report consisted of a couple of voxpops with students one of which decided that Chris wouldn't be good enough because he's not a hippy and someone who didn't appear to know what question she'd been asked. Cut to the studio and Gordon Burns and Diane Oxbury saying that it wasn't really their thing, but Oxbury saying that her boyfriend was an anorak and he thought it was great casting. Quite how a garment of clothing came to that conclusion (or got Oxbury) I'm not sure, but I wholeheartedly agree (the bastard).

Then you look in The Guardian which rather than covering the story in the main paper like everyone else (even though there isn't that much to say) go for the subtle approach with a 'Why I Love William Hartnell' appreciation in their G2 section cunning looking at his pre-Who work in film:
"When he took on Doctor Who, Hartnell had wearied of what he called his "bastard roles". I think he underestimated the subtlety and humanity he brought to his acting. Billy Hartnell, as he liked to be called, character actor supreme, I salute you."
There are a lot of people who've quietly been mourning for a decade coming out of the woodwork as the show has a reason to re-enter the mainstream. Poor old Doctor Who Magazine is actually being scooped by the mainstream media which might be mourned by some but for me is an absolute pleasure. It's coming back ... again ...

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