Wiki In an attempt to give myself some research practice I've been doing some work on the new look Wikipedia. Just to be particular random, I'm creating new entries for all the people in the Have I Got News For You episode guide who aren't already indexed. It's the kind of writing I used to do all the time at college and in work and while I know the value is fairly limited (except for tv historians and fans of that show) its actually more of a challenge in producing something coherent outside of my field of reference.

One issue I've encountered is how copyrighted some material is and whether simply rewriting a profile from the website of a performer's agent with added sections constitutes the creation of something new or plagarism. You can ponder that as you learn about Kate Saunders, Gill Pyrah, Russell Davies (not that one) and Dillie Keane. Can anyone suggest which Martin Young this is?

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