TV Off The Telly this month offers a pair of interviews, with "Bernie the Bolt", Alan Bailey and Dudley Sutton, Tinker from Lovejoy who offers his assessment of when the show went bad:
"No I think they were spoiling it. I think they were doing what Ian McShane wanted more and more and letting him take all the decisions. His character had to get all the girls, his character had to answer the questions and I know Phyllis Logan got fed up saying "you were right Lovejoy". We got fed up with it. We wouldn't do anything except bloody well say "you were right, Lovejoy," and I remember one time they went to Venice and left us behind and when they came back we were leaning over the fucking mantelpiece saying "you were right Lovejoy".
My Dad just kept saying the books were better after every episode of that show. For years. After a while it became a very convincing argument.


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