Relationships Just when you think that nothing could help confirm what those people think net users are like, you run into discussion such as this one at Slashdot. Actually some of the talk is quite witty and takes the topic in its stride. But then you stumble across the following:
"it's simple. your woman, and even your life, can be viewed as a game. instead of working hard to score in a game, work hard to score with your woman... instead of exploring levels of some fake world, figure out what places you can take your woman to in the real world that get her in the mood. figure out how to get her to do x and y things that she would never think of doing."
What repulses me? Well, the merging of reality and gaming is fairly shocking, as is the objectification of the significant other. I just want it to be irony but unfortunately it seems to be missing. Somewhat intrigued though, by the length and breadth of the rest of the discussion ... [via Cruel the reading of which possibly opens me up accusations that include the nouns and adjectives 'pot', 'kettle' and 'black']

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