Blog! For new readers (are there any?) when I blogged every day without fail, I had a blog of the day feature in which I linked an showcased what others were doing and commented on what they said. The archive of those posts is here. Anyway, I've been feeling a bit guilty of late that I haven't been linking elsewhere as much as I should so its time for the slightly less regular v2.

First out of the gate is Today In Alternate History, blogging the what if: For example:
"in 1984, John Lennon, an obscure musician who had once been in a band with international sensation Pete Best, writes a tell-all book about Best, detailing their crazy life in Hamburg, Germany, and their rough-and-tumble beginnings in Liverpool, England. The book, I Want To Tell You, is an international best-seller."

"in 2003, NASA detects movement in the Cydonia region of Mars as the Martian natives begin to rise from their centuries-long sleep. The first of many hostile ships is launched from the surface of the planet towards Earth."
Funny, original and literate.


  1. Thanks for the reference, and the compliment. You must be the one responsible for all the people across the Atlantic who suddenly started looking at the site. I appreciate it! Even if one of them refuses to believe in an alternate history where Pete Best could ever become a star...

  2. My pleasure. Its a great blog ...