Life I did something today I've wanted to try since I was a child. I ran backwards up an escalator. It wasn't big, it wasn't clever and if the security at WH Smith has caught me I might have been banned from about the only shop I go in every day for my information fill. But I'd just stepped on and then I spotted the new issue of Word magazine on the shelf. It was the difference between the risk and having to all of the way into the basement and out again and getting back late to work.

I turned tail and started the slog. The problem is out running the stairs -- clipping upwards faster than the steps are being produced. The first few tries I was walking about on the spot. But little by little I faught the tide until one final giant leap led me back to the ground floor. Quickly glanced around to see if anyone was watch then went about my way. Never again.

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Suw said...

I did that once, at Tooting Broadway tube station. Except I didn't make it to the top - I fell and landed on my knee on the spikey toothy bits. Ended up in hospital having done unpleasant things to my kneecap. Luckily nothing broken - just lots of blood.

Fun days.