Radio I haven't listened to Radio Five Live regularly for months. The most I actually listen to is Mark Kermode's film reviews if they bother to update the on-demand service at the website. It just seems to be driving itself closer to the middle of the road or so it seems. Actually I thought I was just hearing things, but now they've signed Eamonn Holmes to host a regular Saturday show, which feels like a bid to grab back some of the people who've disappeared off the Talk Sport and to level off what has always been a predominantly male listenership. And extraordinarily safe.

I think I'll stick to Radio Four. Did anyone here John Humphries absolutely demolish Michael Howard on The Today Programme yesterday morning? You can listen to it here for now if you've got Real One. Howard sounds as though he's making things up as he goes along, and often contradicts annoucements made by his own party. Why do they do it to themselves?

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