Reader's Letters My recent post about digital film making provoked the following reaction from Labyrinth:
"While the advances in Digital Filmmaking are remarkable, there still lacks the aesthetic beauty of celluloid. It is true that with after effects and other software add ons for the editing bays, we are approaching a look that is simlar to that of film, we must remember that what we are trying to duplicate is film. As for the vinyl debate, you must remember that clarity is what we have in the digital technology that delivers our music, but there have been more than several artists who in fact added the popping and crackling of the vinyl sound in mixing to duplicate that authenticity of the medium. Thus no matter how close we come there will never be the point of replacement, simply the acceptance of a new form. One that does open the door for cinematic aspirants as it did for for the afficcionados of the sonourous."
I did hear one film maker (I forget which I'm sorry) saying that they had taken the decision to make something on film, even though it increased their budget massively simply because they wanted to use it before the opportunity disappeared. I think we're on another of those 'brinks'. Like the move from silent to sound cinema, from black and white to colour, from the square frame to widescreen. There will be some who say that the new media will change utterly the craft and ruin everything, but others will take the opportunities the new media offers and create some spectacular things. And because digital it a progressive technology I wouldn't be too surprised if in the not too distant future the image being captured at the shooting stage will be utterly indistinguishable from film if need be, the same lighting effects and colour being available. I never like to say 'You can't'. I always like to say 'You can't yet...'

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