TV Or rather lack of it. A year or so ago, I posted about how I'd stopped watching television. Or more specifically passively watching tv. Now I have to report that I have in fact stopped watching television. I almost exclusively use it for watching DVD or videos. Hence hardly any tv reviews of new shows. I haven't even had Big Brother on in the background; I can't stand Breakfast television, so I listen to Today on Radio Four in the morning. I typically watch a film in the early evening, come online for a few hours afterwards then read, listen to music, whatever until bedtime.

I watched that documentary about X-Rated videos the other night and the odd thing on BBC Four, but otherwise I don't see the point. Any of the shows I used to kill myself to watch on a weekly basis quickly turn up on DVD (24, The West Wing) and my ScreenSelect subscription means I can catch up with those easily enough, and the BBC tend to release much of their drama and prestige documenaries onto the format as well, so I can catch up if I need to. Ditto the comedy. Anyone like to counter and tell me something great I might be missing on UKtv that's worth rescheduling my life for?

[On reflection: I'm not sure about the tone of that post. But truly I feel like I've come through some kind of an addiction. I think the problem is the sheer will power required to follow some series on a weekly basis and also the feeling that much of the time I'm not seeing anything new and exciting. Of course if something really new and exciting was on and I could get the channel I would be there. But there are only so many cop shows, medical shows, game shows, make-over shows and reality tv shows which can be watched and have some kind of new experience. I think I've reached my limit. Who's with me?]

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