Spam Yes the wierd poetry is interesting, but can you explain the following entry which has just turned up in my guest book?
1 29.07.2004, at 20:56:08
And you are?:
What is your contact email?:
Where are you from?: Skegness, Lincolnshire
What is the URL of your home page?:

How did you find me?: From a search engine
Can you recommend a good book?:
What are your top five favourite films?:
What colour is your couch?:
What record are you listening to right now?:
Comments: family run hotel
Apart from the anonymity of it what are they trying to sell? Yes, family run hotels in Skeggy, but which one? Are they just sheepish about revealing their identity, and if so how do they know I'm not going to think 'Hmmm.... that lovely sea air ... take me there right now!' and book in with their main rival on the sea front. Unless someone is working for a syndicate of all the hotels which happen to be listed in the Google Directory and they would be happy for any of their kin to get the business. Perplexing and hardly making me want to travel for eight hours on the train to get there...

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