Life Tonight was my first reading night. As I was clearing and tidying my room on Sunday, I found countless newspapers and magazines that I'd bought and subsequently not had time or inclination to read. Not wanting to throw any of them away ignored I gathered them in the box which had previously housed my new shoes and I sat this evening and worked my way through. In the end I only had about a week's worth -- so the most of the news was fairly current. At times it did feel like I was abroad somewhere remote getting the news from home days late. But most of the writing was in features format and most of that doesn't age. A pattern I did find was that most of the really affecting pieces were written by women; while the male writers banged on about politics here or abroad, female writers talked in the main about the nuts and bolts of life and in a funny way I found myself identifying more with their words.

In an almost related topic, my new brown laced shoes are only just beginning to break in. By last Thursday I could hardly walk and ended up going back to older pairs to let my feet settle back down. I put the new ones on again this morning and they weren't too horrendous -- I think I might be winning this battle. I tend to hoard old shoes -- for the afformentioned reason but also for sentimental reasons -- because I wore them on such and such a trip. But should I want to give them a new home, it's good to know that there are possibilities.

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