TV Although I've only minimally been following it the last couple of months, I wanted Shell to win Big Brother. I did as soon as I saw her get out of the car on the first night. She was the most normal one there (although Dan runs a close second on that) which obviously hasn't made her too popular. Frankly if I have to choose from the final two, Nadia to win, if only to make a point about how progressive we've become of late.


  1. Not quite sure what's 'progressive' about simply accepting someone for who they are, though; I think I'd take the lot of them with their pasts and their neuroses and their confusion, paranoia and neuroticism over a 'normal' person anyday!

  2. It's progressive because it happened. Because the viewing public did accept someone for who they are and that indeed there wasn't anything controversial about it. The only embarassment was that the makers of BB and some of the papers kept bringing it up, making it an issue or a curiousity.

    As for 'normal' -- that's me continuing my general disdain for the way the programme went this year. At its inception it was clear that the BB producers were going for types or stereotypes -- people who could be catagorised or labeled -- and to some extent born for the camera -- generally in previous years it felt as though they'd picked just general members of the public (with a few obvious exceptions). This year Shell didn't seem to have a label or a 'thing' or for that matter some obvious need to want an entertainment career. Everyone is normal in their own way though...