Music I would say that a good percentage of the music I listen to is from film soundtracks -- usually the quasi-music inspired by and from items which turn up with anything. It's unusual how few really good examples there are around. The worst are just a collection of songs without any seeming coherance to the choices, all different and clinging together hoping the listener won't assign them to obvlivion with the use of the skip button.

I've found that the really good soundtracks are those which both evoke the film they're based on but at the same time are as unique and enjoyable away from the movie. This can definately be seen in 6Music's list of top five songs as voted for by listeners. In all of the cases listed the album itself is an excellent introduction to a particular style of music -- as though a genre has made a mix-tape to promote itself including both popular hits and forgotten classics. Yes even Dirty Dancing. As is customery in these situations I offer my top five.

Grosse Pointe Blank
Groundhog Day
Almost Famous
Stealing Beauty
Martha, Meet Frank Daniel and Lawrence

Although that's far from complete but I really couldn't live without any of them so it will do for now.

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