"No. I've never been on Wac-a-Day..."

People When I was at school there someone a few years older than me who was convinced that I'd been on the Timmy Mallett opus Wac-a-Day nothing, not even a lack of a bruise on my forehead could disuade him from what would become a two year obsession. Even has he stepped out of the front door of the school I just know he was looking back at the clock tower and thinking -- "I was right... if only I could find the truth..." Sadly I never got to meet Timmy or his large menacing pink instrument of brain cell distruction but I got over it -- to the extent that I hadn't thought about him or my school friends misguided theories unitl I saw this remarkably detailed piece in the The London News Review. It appears Mr Mallett is actually multi-talented -- a painter, live performer and as it turns out male alternate for I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here... which has surrounding it a whiff of tragedy -- that missed opportunity at a second chance of fame. He could have been him going insania with Jordan. The nightmare that is the decent of light entertainment into hell continues.

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