What is your name, and who is your father?

TV Is the key to a hit series to have a simple self explainatory title which everyone can understand?
"Once the Olympics finish, NBC will unveil the following new series: A sitcom about Joey from "Friends" called... "Joey"; A drama set in the LAX airport called... "LAX"; A drama set in Hawaii called... "Hawaii" and a drama about medical investigation called... (wait for it)... "Medical Investigation." Not leaving anything to chance with those titles, are they? You know exactly what you're getting with those shows, don't you? (Well, technically, "Hawaii" should be called "Hawaii Cops," but it's close enough.)

But then, is this a surprise? Last fall, NBC introduced three new dramas: a legal thriller called "Lyon's Den," a romantic comedy called "Miss Match," and a Las Vegas series called "Las Vegas." Guess which one was a hit and which two flopped. (I think I might have actually stuck with "Lyon's Den" had it been called "Legal Thriller," just for the comedy value.)"
Looking at this from a UK perspective, how many soaps use place names? See ....

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