The other great 10k story

Sport I stood in the street outside work listening to the Women's 10km final and Paula Radcliffe passing out. It'll be all the media will be talking about tomorrow, but I think the following is the real story from the race:
"At the front, Xing Huina ran a brilliant race to take gold when it seemed certain that Ethiopia would maintain its stranglehold over the event. Defending champion Tulu was well placed with 400m to go and looked as if she would sprint clear to gold as she had done in Sydney. But Xing Huina accelerated past Dibaba coming into the home straight to stun the Ethiopians. Afterwards however, Dibaba was convinced she had won gold, thinking that Xing was a lapped runner and refused to accept for several minutes that she had come second. "I didn't see where the Chinese girl came from," she explained, adding that she thought she could have overtaken Xing had she known. The Ethiopians said they had been looking out for the other Chinese runner, world bronze medallist Sun Yingjie, and had not paid attention to Xing."
You really need to know who your enemies are ... congratulations to Georgina Harland for fighting her way up to Bronze medal position in the Modern Pentathlon again having murdered a field in a running event. I see a pattern forming...

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