Links for 2004-09-16 []

Links for 2004-09-16 []

  • Time Out : Film
    New website coming soon which include a version of the annual film guide. I swear by their reviews so it'll be handy to have access to them without having to buy the magazine and before the book is published (assuming that's how it'll work).

  • Domic Diamond returns to Video Game programming
    Frankly I'm with the Guardian Gamesblog reader: 'It'll be nothing without Patrick Moore.'

  • The Lesbians On Ecstasy
    According to the website "It's kd lang, but it's different somehow... "

  • No Friendster of mine
    "One week after Friendster fired her for blogging about the company, Joyce Park opens up to Red Herring." A week. It feels like ages ago.

  • Flip Flop Flyin's 'Minipops' has s book version published in October
    Craig Robinson little people were one of the first thing to get me really excited about the possibilities of the internet and I'm pleased to see he has a book coming out. I'll just have to give this as a gift this Christmas.

  • The clothing shops of Bon Marche to slowly become Macy's
    But will it happen in the UK? I'm not sure because the Macy's name doesn't quite have the strong brand visibility here

  • Belle de Jour leaves us (for now...)
    See you Missy Miss

  • British History Online
    But not Liverpool. Yet.

  • Film Of The Day: Nina Takes a Lover (1994)
    Nina (Laura San Giacomo) has an affair with a photographer in an attempt to rekindle her marriage but things get wildly complicated. It's a romantic comedy with the tricky structure of something like 'The Usual Suspects' and is just spectacular.

  • CliffsNotes on King Lear
    Filed for future reference. The one play I get lost in. Ironically, as soon as the old man hits the moors I get lost. With any luck I'll finally understand ...

  • New Hauppauge box "enhances reception"
    Freeviewers will understand what a joy this thing is. Pulse Killer technology" that aims to reduce picture breakup due to electrical interference.

  • Orion Slave Girls return to Star Trek
    They really are wanting to return to the old school ...

  • Ono's artwork on show at Liverpool Airport
    And in Church Streer according to the photo. Wasn't Woody Allen chased by one of the these in of his films?
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