Links for 2004-09-18 []

Links for 2004-09-18 []

  • 'The making of the painting', Andrew Grassie
    [The Walker: John Moores 23]

  • 'Bayonet 13mm (1/2") steel tacks', Leo Fitzmaurice
    [The Walker: John Moores 23]

  • 'Hideaway I', Covadonga Valds
    [The Walker: John Moores 23]

  • The Stuckists: Paul Harvey
    [The Walker]

  • 'Happy Together', Choi Jeong Hawa
    [Lime Street Station]

  • 'Close To The Sea', Yang Fudong

  • 'Prologue', Ursula Biemann
    [Biennial Centre]

  • 'Natura: The Mersey Valley Case', Francesco Jodice
    [Open Eye Gallery]

  • 'Beethoven, the headbangers', Amanda Coogan
    [Bluecoat Arts Centre]

  • 'Trigger', Yeondoo Jung
    [Bluecoat Arts Centre]

  • 'The Commons', Neil Cummings & Marysia Lewandowska
    [Around Liverpool]

  • 'The Pole Of The East', Huang Yong Ping
    [Albert Dock]

  • 'Relay', Germaine Koh
    [Tate Liverpool]

  • 'Trust', Jill Magid
    [Tate Liverpool]

  • 'Grandeur et decadence d'un petit commerce de cinema', Dorit Margreiter
    [Tate Liverpool]

  • 'Kitchen Stories' is out on dvd
    Never has men sitting on stools in the corner of the room been so touching

  • Nose-steered mouse could save aching arms�
    But what happens if you also get a crick in the neck?

  • Film of the Day: The Peacemaker (1997)
    Well I think it's underrated.

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