You're not going to believe ...

Spam While I was away in Cardiff, I recieved the following. It seems to be a fairly unbelievable offshoot of the Nigerian scam:

I am Miss Josephine Wright, 18 years old duagther to Mr.Kartikar Wright,My father was the chirman of Texaco Oil company in Monrovia Liberia.

My father happens to be a victim of the plot which claimed many life/souls in September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in America at the World Trade Center Towers in New York City at The Pentagon house in Washington.

On 12th august last year, the personal attorney to my late father called me and told me that,he have not given me this because of my age; when i asked him what he was talking about he brought a Will written by my late father and i was suprised about the content.It is about my Inheritance there in a bank which i will tell you later.

Please get in touch with me via my Email address to enable us discuss further on this matter,

Awaiting your response.

Best Regards,

Josephine Wright.
Deplorable. My email didn't appear in the 'To:' section of the email so its obviously a mass mailer. Lacks some scruples really.


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