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Film The Oscar nominations tell their own story, but I was wondering if anyone has an answer for the following question. How come Before Sunset's nomination is as an Adapted Screenplay. What was it based on, other than the original film? Does that mean all sequels are adaptations?


  1. Yes, all sequels are considered adaptations now. The name of the category is "Screenplay Based on Works Previously Published or Performed" (or something like that). This change has only been made recently, in the last couple of years.

  2. That's madness. So I suppose this includes remakes as well.

  3. I suppose it would include remakes, too. And in a sense it might be fairer to judge remakes as "Adapted" because they are based on something else.

    But if a sequel is good enough to be recognised - as in Before Sunset one of the greatest sequels ever - I think it deserves to be recognised as original.

    Though the Writers' Guild of America doesnt' agree with me - their noms for Adapted Screenplay include sequels as well.