Any given purple car adheres

Spam I've just received the following. The first bit is fairly straightforward:

Would you like at least $1500.00 to $3500.00 per day just for returning phone calls? I do!
If you have a telephone and can return calls you are fully qualified for this program.

Give Us A Call
Even if that doesn't sound like a job. I'm returning phone calls? From whom? Now things take a turn for the unusual as the spammer decides to present some literature:
"His round white white little glasses is thinking. Her daughters white bicycle calms-down while the odd shaped round odd shaped clock is thinking while our soft eraser prepare for fight. Any given purple car adheres. A stupid round smart paper is angry. Any given soft bicycle adheres. A given white eraser adheres and her hairy printer got an idea. Her daughters round-shaped omprella calculates. A given round soda adheres while the fancy shining ram sleeps the time that a given bluish paper smiles. Our children round tall t-shirt calms-down. His brothers purple bicycle stinks. Whose small computer smiles. His brothers fancy bicycle stares as soon as her daughters golden kitchen makes sound and our expensive little table calculates. His brothers white red clock falls.
These Daliesque meanerings must mean something -- so why are they turning up in spam. Is there a human involved or is a computer throwing together clauses?

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  1. Anonymous7:45 am

    i vote another mind like mine, linux on crack or just thourghly drunk.