'It's the being nominated...'

Film And so for the first time in ten years I entirely missed The Oscars last night. We went Freeview late last year and since Sky paid over the odds to nab it back from the BBC the only alternative was to watch the usually clueless updates on News 24 and I really wanted to sleep instead. Based on reports it doesn't sound like I missed too much. As predicted lots of people who already have awards got some more and the real geniuses were treated with the same respect as the Maths kids which I hung out with at school. At least Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and Sideways got something, even if it is for scripts. Of course that meant second best film of last year Before Sunset didn't win a croissant but I like to think that time and nostalgia will be its reward.

What I would like to know is how the handing of awards to people in the audience went. To be honest it sounds like a cheat -- why should some of the technical staff who did the real work on a film like The Aviator not get their place in the spotlight? I know that generally actors are given more emphasis but to do something like that is pretty disrespectful. Plus, when everything goes back to the way it was next year with a new show producer, it means that the people this year missed out on something every other winner since the awards began will have enjoyed.

There were a number of live blogs for the award knocking around, but this one from The Superficial probably captures the ceremony best (at least for someone who didn't see it):
"8:06 - Okay, I?m back to the Hillary Swank thing. Seriously, why does she look so different every time I see her? It?s like when I watch the Super Friends on Cartoon Network, the one from the 70?s, when the animators were way too stoned to ever draw Wonder Woman the same way twice. She?d have black hair in one scene, blue in the next. D-cups, A-cups. Lasso on the right, lasso on the left, no lasso. You can see the lines of the invisible jet, you can?t see the lines of the invisible jet. One minute she?d have on Superman?s cape, the next she?d be some big black guy, but still in that same outfit. And with the same voice.

I can?t remember why I thought this had anything to do with Hillary Swank.

8:09 - But she is a really good actress.
I think I'll start getting pissed off early that The Life Acquatic hasn't won anything ready for next year.

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