'They want to overthrow the human race. And destroy you. D'you believe me?'

Life It's funny to me now how when I started this weblog I was always a bit cagey about my likes. I always tried to portray myself as a rounded individual straining to include links to a wider range of different topics, some of which I might not have been so interested in. Over time I've realised that a personal blog is supposed to be an expression of the person, otherwise what would be the point. So yes, there is a lot about films on here and music and not so much of the books. And here we are in the month that my favourite tv show is back on television, so I can't help writing about it. Sorry to bore the people who wouldn't know a timelord from a tetrap, but if you think it's looking like someones plonked a police box on your desk were your monitor should be, imagine what the 26th March 3005 is going to be like. When the new series starts. With this in mind, here is my first post to the collaborative Doctor Who weblog, Waiting for Christopher.

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