Not so 24 hour internet access.

Travels One of my stupid issues about hotels is that they don't feel like home, and although they hope to be that for the duration of your stay, there is always something there to remind you that they never will be. Here is an example from Journalistic, in which they maximise the profit from something I take for granted @ mi casa. Being able to go online whenever without having to care too much about the cost. Not so at this hotel:
"For reference to anyone considering to stay there, if you think the 24 hour access starts when you first log in, think again. It starts from 2am to 2am or part thereof. That means if you check in for one night at say 6pm and use the internet from say 7pm to 9pm. Then you go to sleep and wake up at 6am and use it again until 9am and then check out, they will charge you for two days. A bit of a cheek given you have not been there for two days."
Which seems a very sneeky way of going about things. Next they'll be charging extra if you sleep on both sides of the bed.

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