The Mystery of Charles Dickens

TV Just in case anyone else has missed this, and to prove the BBC do know something about scheduling after all, Simon Callow's The Mystery of Charles Dickens is appearing on BBC Four tonight at 8:15. So it won't be clashing with Doctor Who Confidential. I don't think that's a coincidence, do you? Oddly enough, I've listened to an old radio version of this over the past couple of weeks, and a section of it tells the story of the reading tours which Dickens was undertaking at the end of his life and the reason he's in Cardiff in The Unquiet Dead. It's really very good and you can absolutely see why Callow was cast in the part. In related news, Miriam Margolyes is retracing the American leg of the same reading tour, Palin-style, in a show on Tuesday nights.

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