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Politics I had hoped to be writing here much more this week, but Blogger has been up its usual tricks, server errors all over, which is probably why last night's political post, seemed short, kurt and pleasingly abrupt. I'm not sure who the person who commented is, describing himself as 'A Level Headed Individual' (but I have my suspicions). Here's what he had to say:
"You my friend are exactly what is wrong with universal sufferage in Great Britain. How on Earth can you back up a statement like "as usual I'll be ignoring all the arguments and voting Liberal Democrat" ?! Blind voting without taking into consideration other parties policies are the actions of a moron and exactly what is so wrong with the mentality of the voting British public. It's the actions of someone who says they have voted Labour all their life, regardless of what the party stands for. At best you are politically naive !"
Which is fairly amusing I think you'll agree, and pleasingly free from typos. When I said I'd be ignoring all the arguments, I wasn't talking particularly about policies, but the backbiting which festers on between so two so-called main parties. This generally amounts to Labour often saying what Tory policies are and vice-versa then comparing them to their own. The Lib Dems tend to state the policy and hope that we like them.

But if you really want me to get into this, neither of those so-called two main parties are idiologically saying anything different to the last election. In fact both are effectively asking 'Do you want more of the same?' in either a positive or negative light depending on whether the logo is red or blue. If the answer is no, it's not an excuse for voting Conservative because their policies on many things aren't actually all that different, mostly who gets what money and why. It's only when you get into questions to do with Britain's place in the world and it's attitude to the everyone else that we hear different things and frankly they're just nasty.

But rest assured if I didn't actually like Liberal Democrat policies I wouldn't be voting for them. I won't pretend to know everything, but watching how Mr Kennedy has carried himself since he's been party leader and just the clear way that they put forth their beliefs just makes sense to me. Yes, there's a sense of backing the underdog, because I would be very surprised if they form the next government, but if by some remote chance they did get into power, the country would just be better off.

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Just to put a political fly in the ointment it may have been a "she" ;)