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Politics Off The Telly has the last word on Election night, or as I like to think of it, the night which screwed up my sleeping pattern for a week. Seriously. I'm only just getting over it.
"There's nothing for it but for David to hand over to Jeremy. "You've seduced another guest into your salon." "Steady on," replies Jeremy, "it's Ken Clarke!" The former Chancellor, shown at his count looking more dishevelled than usual, reveals "I find your exit poll very boring." Jeremy incorrectly paraphrases a quote he made on Radio 4's Any Questions? "Misquotation again!" Clarke booms. "Ken's always good value for money," mocks Jeremy's next guest David Blunkett, "you should have him all night." At which point Jeremy wryly makes to go back to talking to Clarke, before resuming his conversation with Blunkett who's in Sheffield. Alas, their dialogue has to be curtailed, prompting Blunkett to declare: "You're just interrupting me again, and I was just trying to say something non-party political and sensible, but back to you Jeremy, carry on in the usual way!" "Oh, there's no need to take that tone," drawls Paxman, but before the cod-pleasantries can continue David has to take us over to Erewash where we find - at last! - Daisy Sampson."
I actually went to bed at 4:30am so I wasn't up for Galloway and Paxman and I didn't realise BBC Breakfast News had even been on. So for me it seemed as though Dimbleby et al had been broadcasting for twenty-eight hours straight....

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