Film This article at the BBC website about the Canne film festival, appears to be about Woody Allen's apparently great new British film, Match Point. And then weirdly at the end, the following happens:
"(David) Thompson also confirmed that BBC Films is pushing ahead with its plans for a Doctor Who feature, the progress of which is dependent on how the new Doctor Who TV series is received in the US."
Apart from the obvious, there a few things which don't add up about the end of this sentence. They're not going to make a film unless the new series is recieved well in the US. As far as I know, after the Sci-Fi Channel turned it down (and what were they thinking?) no other US tv channel has bought the rights to the series. So they're waiting for the new series to be bought and shown in one country before they make a film version. Which leads on to the next thought -- would it be a big version of the tv show with David and Billie acting and Russell writing or some 'name' actors? In which case, what would be the point? You'd end up with the Peter Cushing situation which I don't think would jive with the more media savvy kids of today, who'd more than likely be wondering why The Doctor has changed shape again...

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