Life Sometimes life is a compromise. I had a plan to book a holiday from work in June, when I could take myself off somewhere for a week, away from it all and just be me. Checking in work, I found out that if I wanted to take a whole week, because of staff allowances and whatnot I could only book next week or the first week in September. So I booked next week.

Last minute really. I spent last night online looking for one of those immortal cheap deals which everyone else I've ever met talks about their auntie/sister/work colleague taking. What I discovered is that unless its to a resort in Spain or Tunisia, if you want to go to a city, they don't exist. So I decided to go London. I worked out the train fare, and spent two hours looking for somewhere to stay. I talked to Suw and she suggested this and thanks to her I found a place two minutes walk away from Oxford Street.

Then reality started to sink in. I can't really afford it. The train fare, the accomodation, all the spending money. The only way it could work is to crash into my savings and if I want to do all the whatever it is I want to do in the future, I simply can't start skidding around that corner. So I'm thinking about the future more than the present again. Even though all I want to do right now is run away.

Instead of taking myself off somewhere for a week, I shall be spending next Thursday in Belfast. It's a compromise, but at least I'll be flying somewhere and I can say that I've visited all of our nation's capitals. And as I board the plane, I'll smile and think about the opportunities of the future, because sometimes compromise is a wonderful thing.

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