He Knew We Were Shite

People Unexpected Laura Fraser interview to publicise Conviction, a new cop show coming to BBC One BBC Two, 9.25 in the evening from next Saturday:
The need to pay the mortgage has made Fraser something of a small-screen fixture, first in the Trollope adaptation He Knew He Was Right, then in BBC3's Conviction and Casanova. He Knew He Was Right (or, as Fraser has it, He Knew We Were Shite), was a far from great experience, exacerbated by an organ-constricting corset. "They wanted me to go so small with the waist that it gave me a kidney infection," she recalls.
I wasn't aware of some of that backstory, especially that she flat shared with Anna Friel. Kind of explains why she dropped under radar for a while. Good to see her getting lots of work lately though.

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