Still the real alternative.

Politics So now I know for a fact that 39% of the UK public don't read this weblog and that my rambling yet pursuasive argument for voting from the other day didn't work. Annoyingly if those 39% had turned up and voted Lib Dem we would have seen a slightly shellshocked Charlie Kennedy standing in front of Number Ten. Statistics suggest that they did well and gained seats with a predominantly young, studenty vote. Over in the run up to the next election towards the end of the decade, their priority is to develop an image as the part of the young with policies geared towards that. But also, in the consistuencies which have been won after an anti-war vote, the MPs need to convince their electorate, through good visible work within in the community that they've inadvertantly made the right choice, so that the sixty-two seats we won aren't just a blip but a stepping stone to becoming the unconditional political alternative next time. We also managed to come second in 160 consistuencies which is also worth celebrating. No longer will we hear the words 'Liberal', 'Democrat', 'minor' or 'party' altogether in the same sentence. Unless it's that one.

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