Is more than enough

Life As you would imagine, this article regarding being in a life ruts chimes with me:
"As human beings, we made it through the process of evolution because we're flexible and adaptable, so we are wired for change," says Shelley Weiss Cohen, a life coach in Northfield, Illinois, who works with people to make changes in their personal or professional lives. "When we're in a rut, it's another way of saying that we're not experiencing enough change or variety. A rut results when we get into a fixed way or pattern of doing things that, over time, becomes dull or tedious. We may ask ourselves, Why am I doing this? Do even I want to do this? Why isn't this working for me anymore?"
The trouble with this stuff is that it feels better said than done. Some of us haven't the resources to go travelling each weekend, for example. I really need to get my life sorted out. I suppose I'm just waiting for the eureka moment. [via]

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